Service Package for International Students

Eine asiatische Studierende

Service Package for International Students
Finding the start of your studies in a foreign country difficult? Everything is unclear and hard to understand? You’re right! To make this start easier for you, the Studentenwerk Marburg, together with the Department of International Students and Studies Abroad of the Philipps-University, offer a comfortable solution for the first six months of your studies.

This service package contains the following services:

We guarantee a single room in a student residence with internet and advanced payments for living costs (heating, electricity, water etc.).

From Monday to Friday one lunch or dinner in the canteen for about 3 months.

Semester fees:
All students pay this fee which entitles you to use the services of the Studentenwerk (low-cost living: food, accident insurance, consultation).

Student body contribution:
Serves to finance the students who represent the interests of the students (AStA, student representatives) and must be paid by all students too.

For using all public transportation services (trains, buses, trams, metro) in the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsbund.

The orientation programme at the beginning of the semester and a tutor programme during the semester, organised by the Department of International Students and Studies Abroad.


The service package is a one time payment in advance of 2.000.00 € and is valid for six months from 1st October (winter semester) or 1st April (summer semester), or alternatively for six months from 1st September or 1st March.

For the single-room you are obliged to pay a deposit of 170.00 € in addition to the price above.

Application for the service package:

If you are interested, you can apply online. Please choose “service package” in the menu under “Förderprogramm”. The service package is limited and is processed in chronological order after the entry date of the application. The application for the winter semester must be submitted on 30th June - at the latest. Application for the summer semester closes on 31st December.

For further questions please contact the housing referral service of the Studentenwerk Marburg.



Contact Persons

Carolin Rikirsch

  • Telefon: +49 6421 296145

Lisa Höhl

  • Telefon: +49 6421 296144