Emergency Accommodation

zwei Studis tragen Umzugkartons

Semester has already started and you haven’t found a room?

Then the Studentenwerk Marburg will help you out with emergency accommodation.

1.What is emergency accommodation?

Emergency accommodation offers you a place to sleep in the student accommodation of the Studentenwerk. At the beginning of the winter semester sleeping places in common rooms will be arranged. Depending on the room size, 4 to 8 persons can accommodate a room in an emergency accommodation. The accommodations are separated according to gender.


2. Where do I get an emergency accommodation?

You can come to the department Studentisches Wohnen (Student Housing), Erlenring 5, room 319, from 04.10.2018. The accommodation has to be paid here afterwards so try to be here one hour before we close. Please be aware that there are only a limited number of places that are available for a short period of time.

3. How much is an emergency accommodation?

The emergency accommodation costs 75.00 € a month. The month in which the contract starts will be calculated in the price. We can offer you a place to stay for 5.00 € a night plus deposit, if you have to bridge a time gap before your contract starts.

4. What do I have to bring?

Please bring your student card, your identity card or passport, and 125.00 € in cash.

5. Do I have to apply for emergency accommodation?

You do not need to apply for emergency accommodation. However, to receive a place at the emergency accommodation you have to have already applied online for a living space. The application must be made the previous day before 6 p.m.