Living in exchange for some help

Offer living space and get support in your everyday life – that is the idea behind the project “Wohnen für Hilfe” (Living in exchange for some help), which has been introduced by the Studentenwerk Marburg together with the Freiwilligenagentur Marburg (volunteer agency).

Logo des Projektes Wohnen für Hilfe

Concretely, this means that people, who have a free room or flat in their house, offer this room to students to a favourable price or even for free. In turn, the students fulfil smaller supporting tasks in the household, such as gardening work, do the shopping for daily needs, giving the person a ride to the doctor or the weekly support in cleaning the house. It will be fixed in written form beforehand, which tasks shall be fulfilled by the student.The project creates low-cost living space for students in a city, where it is difficult to find such. On the other hand, it supports e.g. elderly people and makes it possible for them to stay longer in their usual environment, that is, in their own home.

The students are not at all supposed to replace professional nurses. The project is about help in everyday life, keeping company, and mutual exchange and attention.Even if the project is primarily addressed to elderly people, other living partnerships are possible too, e.g. the young family, who needs help for childcare or everyday tasks, or a single household, who wants to know that his/her pet is in good hands…These living partnerships are arranged and looked after by the Studentenwerk Marburg. If you are interested, as a student or a landlord, feel free to contact us. Contact: Franziska Busch, tel.: 06421/296-113.

“Obviously, it takes some courage to take the first step,” Dr. Uwe Grebe, director of the Studententwerk Marburg, admits, “but when the chemistry is right and basics in mutual consideration and tolerance are existent, you can easily find the right partner with the help of the Studentenwerk.”Before the rental agreement, in which the partnership is arranged and fixed, will be signed, landlord and student should however meet, get to know each other and talk honestly about each one’s expectations.

During this meeting, a contact person from the Studentenwerk can mediate on request. If both parties are able to find a common ground, there can only be winners in this alternative form of living.

You are interested? Here, you can find the application form for students and landlords.

Contact: Franziska Busch and Frederik Brauner (06421/296-113), Email:


Kontakt: Franziska Busch und Frederik Brauner (06421/296-113), Email: